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International Presentations


Title:  Crescent of Care Model: From Theory to Practice


Dr. Sandra Lovering, Executive Director, Nursing Affairs King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (Gen Org.)- Jeddah.


In Saudi Arabia, the health care context is rich in cultural complexity, as foreign and national nurses bring their cultural values and beliefs to their caring actions and relationships with patients. Within this context, non-Arab non-Muslim nurses find Western derived nursing models incomplete for the care of their Arab Muslim patients. Arab Muslim nurses blend the science of nursing from the Western bio-medical model with spiritual and holistic caring from their Muslim worldview.


Ethnographic research on Arab Muslim nurses’ caring led to the development of the Crescent of Care nursing model. This holistic model captures the centrality of spirituality in caring and the blending of Western nursing science. 


A collaborative inquiry approach was used to develop the Crescent of Care nursing model for application at the bedside within a tertiary hospital setting in Saudi Arabia; to guide the practice of foreign and national nurses in the care of Arab Muslim patients in Saudi Arabia and other health care contexts.


This presentation

  • Provides the background research to development of the Crescent of Care nursing model

  • Describes the collaborative inquiry process applied to explore, reflect, validate and incorporate knowledge to make the model meaningful to the bedside nurse;

  • Provides an overview of the nursing model values and components of care.


Title: Crescent of Care Nursing Model: Application across the Life Span


Mrs Hanadi Yaseen, Education Coordinator, AlAnoud Abualsaud, Assistant Head Nurse     King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (Gen Org.)- Jeddah.


This presentation will demonstrate application of the Crescent of Care model across the life span. With the family at the centre of the model, nurses work through the family to deliver the five components of care. Two scenarios will be presented: Care at the beginning of life; and Care at the end of life.  Birth practices and caring for the newborn is associated with specific cultural and spiritual needs. During care at end of life, spiritual caring is the primary focus for the nurse in providing care for the patient and family.


This presentation

  • Discusses exemplars of the application of the model by Arab Muslim and non-Arab non-Muslim in patient care.

  • Translates the model into application at the bedside


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