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Dr G Hussein Rassool Biography


Dr. G.Hussein Rassool, is Head of Department, Faculty of Psychology, Islamic Online University. Executive Director & Clinical Consultant, Sakina Counselling Institute. Professor of Addiction and Mental Health. He was Professor of Nursing, Addiction and Mental Health, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


His previous experience was as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Addictive Behaviour & Psychological Medicine, Centre for Addiction Studies, St George’s Hospital Medical School (University of London), UK.  He has over 45 years of experience both in mental health and addictive behaviour fields with relevant national and international experience as an educational consultant. He was responsible for the development of the curriculum content of a Post-basic course in drug dependence at the National Addiction Centre, Maudsley Hospital, London; and courses at undergraduate and post graduate levels at Department of Addictive Behaviour & Psychological Medicine. St George’s Hospital Medical School (University of London).


Course developed are two courses for healthcare professionals in substance use and misuse and a Post graduate Diploma and Masters’ degree in Addictive Behaviour. Dr. G.Hussein Rassool is an experienced and an academic researcher in the field of Psychology, Addiction and Mental Health and has had teaching and research collaborations with colleagues in a number of countries. He has worked as a consultant in countries including the United Kingdom, Mauritius, Malta, Hong Kong and Brazil. 


During his career, Dr. G.Hussein Rassool has a number of honours including being awarded a Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarship (for research). He was editorial member of a number of prestigious international journals. He is an author /editor of eight books and has published over 70 papers and reviews.  His latest book published in May 2014 is on ‘Cultural Competence in Caring for Muslim Patients (Palgrave McMillan).


Some of his published books are Addictive Behaviours: Theory & Clinical Practice, Alcohol and Drug Misuse (Palgrave MacMillan); Dual Diagnosis (Blackwell-Wiley); Substance Use and Misuse (Routledge). His forthcoming publications include Health Psychology from an Islamic Perspective (International Islamic Publishing House, Riyadh publication 2015); Islamic Counselling: An Introduction to the Theory & Practice (Taylor & Francis publication September 2015): and Addictive Behaviours: The Disease and its Cure-An Islamic Perspective (International Islamic Publishing House, Riyadh publication 2016).





New Publication 1 April 2015

Rassool G.Hussein (2015) Cultural Competence in Nursing Muslim Patients. Nursing Times, 11: 14, 12-15.

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