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Welcome to the Crescent of Care Model (COCM©) Website


The Crescent of Care (COCM©) is a culture-specific nursing model to guide the care of Arab Muslim patients. Developed from ethnographic research on Arab Muslim nurses’ caring models, COCM© enables nurses of diverse cultural backgrounds to provide family centered care within the Arab Muslim spiritual-cultural framework.


Since the small beginnings in 2009, we have shared our experiences in developing the Crescent of Care nursing model (COCM©) on various national and international platforms.  We were amazed at the interest within Saudi Arabia and the Middle East (and internationally) for the applicability of the model, not only within the Middle East context, but in diverse settings in caring for Arab Muslim patients, or Muslim patients of diverse cultures.


The COCM© website is a resource for colleagues implementing the Crescent of Care Nursing model in their diverse settings, and to encourage colleagues across the world to read, share and contribute towards further development, refinement and application of the COCM©.



“We” are a group of nurses at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (Gen.  Org.) – Jeddah (KFSH&RC – J), located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 


Sandy Lovering DHSc, RN CTN-A  leads the ‘COCM Core Group’ as the COCM© theorist, researcher and primary author of this website.


The COCM Core Group is a culturally diverse group of nurses that developed the COCM© for application at the bedside.


The COCM Core Group led the implementation of the model in practice at KFSH&RC – J, and supports the implementation of the model in other practice settings in the Middle East.


This website shares the work of Dr Lovering and the COCM Core Group.

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