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We created the COCM© website as a resource for colleagues implementing the Crescent of Care Nursing model in their diverse settings, and to encourage numerous colleagues across the world to read, share and contribute towards further development, refinement and application of the COCM©.


Nurses need to base their care on best evidence and research to design care systems that are culturally appropriate to the patient population served. In the Middle East, western-derived nursing models are incomplete to serve the spiritual and cultural needs of the Arab Muslim patients.


Derived from research on Arab Muslim nurses’ caring models (Lovering, 2008 - Click Here), the Crescent of Care Nursing Model (COCM©) was developed by a group of clinical nurses at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (Gen. Org.) – Jeddah (KFSH&RC-Jeddah) in Saudi Arabia. The group used collaborative inquiry methodology to determine the knowledge nurses needed to apply the COCM© at the bedside through spiritual - cultural caring actions. Building on this knowledge, the COCM© was implemented across all inpatient and ambulatory nursing specialties KFSH&RC-Jeddah.


The Crescent of Care Nursing Model (COCM©) is a patient and family centered model that enables the nurse to provide holistic culturally congruent care. The COCM© incorporates cultural, spiritual and professional values in meeting the spiritual, cultural, psychosocial, interpersonal and clinical needs of patients and families. While developed to meet the needs of Arab Muslim patients, the model may be applied in other cultural contexts.


Since the small beginnings in 2009, we have shared our experiences on various national and international platforms.  We were amazed at the interest in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East (and internationally) for the applicability of the model, not only within the Middle East context, but in diverse settings.




Crescent of Care Model Development Group (2009 – 2011) at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (General Organization) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia assisted with identification of the core knowledge needed to implement the Crescent of Care Model at the bedside. Members are (alphabetical order):  Al Anoud Abu Alsaud, Mohammad Al-Atat, Mona Al-Harthi, Riita Antikainen, Layla Arafat, Wadea Beheri, Estelle Bester, Kay Nambiar, Tahani Obead, Jackie Pretorius, Fadi Shatarat, Hanadi Yaseen.


Crescent of Care Model Core Group at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (General Organization) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia are currently working on further model development and contribute to education, resource development, knowledge development and research related to the COCM©:  (alphabetical order) Mona Al-Harthi, Layla Arafat, Estelle Bester, Sharon McAllister, Kay Nambiar, Mariam Pantaram, Neil Romano, Fadi Shatarat




  • Sandy Lovering RN, DHSc, Original Researcher, COCM©  theorist, Primary Website Author.

  • Fadi Al Shatarat RN, BSN

  • Estelle Bester RN DCur

  • Mona Harthi RN, MSN

  • Al-Anoud Abu-Alsaud RN, BSN

  • Layla Arafat RN, BSN

  • Hanadi Yaseen RN, MSN

  • Kay Nambiar RN MSc

  • Riita Antikainen RN BSN


Website Designers


  • Neil Romano RN

  • Sharon McAllister RN




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