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Compatibility With The Crescent Of Care Model


The contents of Cultural Competence in Caring for Muslim Patients are not only compatible with the Crescent of Care Model (COC) but also are an expansion of the care components of the models. There are currently no Islamic models of care in any Arab or Muslim countries that have emerged as a comprehensive care model comparable to other non-Western health care models. This is the rationale in the development of the COC Model.’ The foundation of the COC model and the contents of the book are based on the concept of the ‘Tawheed Paradigm’.


At the heart of the Crescent of Care model are the patient and family as the focus of care, and the concept of shared meanings and spirituality between nurse, patient and family.  Although the Model has been developed and implemented with Arab Muslim patients, the COC model is not restricted to Middle Eastern countries. The model might be beneficial, with varying degrees, to a diversity of Muslim communities throughout the world. The COC Model not only seek to address the needs of Muslim but as well as non Muslim patients in varied setting.


Chapter 8 The Crescent of Care – A nursing model to guide the care of Arab Muslim patients in included in “Cultural Competence in Caring for Muslim Patients”.

This chapter is included here, with the permission of Palgrave-McMillan.



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